We love to help bridal walk-ins when a Bridal Stylist is available, therefore please give us a call before hand. We require an appointment for all fittings, in order to provide our clients with the highest level of service and our one-on-one hands on attention. Prom Walk-Ins are Welcomed.



Who should you bring along with you?
During your initial visit, we suggest that you bring your mom, your sister and/or a close friend. Your Bridal Stylist will help you select dresses that look great on your figure and that fit your sense of style and budget. On your second visit after you have selected a few favorites; then invite one or two guests.  We have learned that having too many opinions tend to make this process more overwhelming.  And our main focus is YOU!

What should you bring to try on wedding dresses?
We stock sample bustiers and slips for your use when trying on dresses. While in the fitting room, you may be undressing while a female stylist is in the room with you so please consider the type of undergarments worn. If you have a pair of shoes and you love the height, bring them along. However we stock sample shoes as well.



Please Note:

Use the form below to find an availability at our boutique.


If you don't see your preferred time, please give us a call to see if there may have been any cancellations or request to be added to the waiting list.


If you do not receive an appointment confirmation email, your appointment has not been scheduled. 


If you appointment is not confirmed 24 hours prior to your scheduled arrival time, your appointment will be canceled.  

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