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Today, Jim's Formal Wear Company is known as 'the largest wholesale formalwear rental company in the world.' Its ten strategically-located Service Centers total over 300,000 square feet of office, production and warehouse space.

The Tuxedo Rental Process


I'm not certain how the tuxedo rental process works. Can you describe the steps involved?
The tuxedo rental process is very easy. Your nearest Jim's Formal Wear Retailer is trained to handle all aspects of our tuxedo rental program and you can count on their expert advice with style selection and fitting. More information...


My groomsmen are located all throughout the country. How do I collect their measurements and get the information to my chosen Jim's Formal Wear Retailer?
Gathering the measurements for your out-of-town groomsmen is easy if you use a simple form and the resources.  Fill out form...


Can I measure myself for a tuxedo rental?
It may seem really simple to measure yourself for a tuxedo, but it's important to remember that it's next to impossible to acquire accurate measurements.  An inaccurate measurement that may be off by only an inch may get you a tuxedo coat that's one or two sizes too big or small.

It's best to count on CTO Bridal to measure you for your formal affair. They have been professionally trained in proper measuring techniques and will be able to acquire the necessary measurements to ensure your tuxedo will fit properly!


When will my tuxedo rental arrive at CTO Bridal?
After CTO Bridal places your tuxedo order with the  Customer Service Agents, your order is held in our computer system until approximately 7-10 days prior to your event. At that time, your order goes into production at one of the ten service centers across the country.

Jims Formalwear will deliver or ship your order to arrive a few days prior to your event. You can check with CTO Bridal for a more definite answer on when they generally receive tuxedo shipments during the week.  In general, you can expect to receive your tuxedo on Wednesday or Thursday for a Saturday event.


When should I return my tuxedo rental?

CTO Bridal will expect your tuxedo to be returned on the first business day following the event. Inquire about our return policies; late fees may apply!


Can I return my tuxedo to a different location than where I rented it?

Each of our retailers is independently owned and operated, so you'll need to return the tuxedo to the same location as where you originally placed your order.

If you'll be traveling out of town for an event, consider placing your order with a retailer in the destination city to eliminate additional rental charges or issues with the return of the tuxedo.



Tuxedos and Tuxedo Fitting Tips


What are the differences between Traditional, Modern and Slim Fit tuxedos?
Any gentleman can wear any of the fits. All three styles work well with all body types. The only difference between the fits is the tuxedo's silhouette.  Visual guide... 


What are the most common lapel styles available with tuxedos?
The majority of tuxedos are designed using one of three main lapel styles: Notch, Peak and Shawl. Choosing the lapel style that is right for you is.  View lapel styles...


Do you have tuxedos for little boys?
Yes, we do carry tuxedos and formal accessories for little boys!  Every one of our tuxedo styles starts at boys' size 3. A few styles even start as small as a boys' size 2!



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