10 important things you should know before your wedding day


About to get married? Here’s some truths you need to be prepared for…


1. You’ll never eat the food

You spend all that time deliberating over the menu, and you’ll hardly eat a thing, even if you have a sit down dinner. There’s too many people to talk to, photos to be taken, things to be done. Not going to lie, I ended up in the taxi in my wedding dress, scoffing a ham sandwich.

2.You won’t see each other

You’ll have to remind yourselves to hunt out your new spouse and spend some time together. Everyone wants a piece of you (especially the bride) - and while obviously you want to chat to all your guests who made the effort to be there, it is easy to not see each other in an endless list of duty.

3. Get someone to film it

Everything will go past in such a blur. Ask some friends to film the day for you - even just on their phones or on Flip Cams so you can relive it and remember the atmosphere and see the speeches again.

4. Take time to have photos of just you two

Not too long of course. Everyone has been to those weddings where the bride and groom disappear for an hour to have photos while you chew through your invitation out of starvation. However, taking 15 minutes out to sneak off and have a moment to take in what you’ve just done is worth it.

5. You won’t care

In the run up to the wedding, everything seems massive. The favours, the weather, your annoying relatives - but on the day, you won’t care. If things aren’t perfect, you will be so happy - you will just shrug it off. So don’t miss out on being engaged because you’ve spent a year freaking out about fonts on the name cards.

6. Friends & family come good in the end

Let’s just lay it out on the table, your family will drive you to despair in the run up to your wedding. The future mother-in-law will just want to talk to you all the time about her hat, they all have their own opinions on how things are done, and they might not get your ‘vision’. I’m not proud of it, but I had a screaming argument with my Dad about chair covers (namely, why my lack of understanding of why a chair needed a dress). But on the day - they will astound you. Everyone pitches in, they deal with things without your knowing, give beautiful speeches and are so genuinely chuffed for you - it will make your heart swell.

7. Women will cry

This is something I thought was just a myth, but on your wedding day there will be at least two women that the very proximity of a wedding dress will make them burst into tears after a few glasses of fizz. Avoid people that have just gone through a break-up or those who seemed to have got teary about not yet finding ‘the one.’ Snot on wedding dresses is not becoming.

8. The bear hug

When planning your hairstyle and hair accessories for the day - be warned, relatives and drunk people love an around the neck hug. I had fresh flowers in my hair that after the line-up had been smashed to bits by over zealous hugging.

9. Your dressed will get trashed. Deal with it.

People will stand on your train, drinks do get spilled, if you are outside at any point, there will be mud. But do you want to be that bride that freaks out about her dress, or that one that doesn’t care and just enjoys herself? You are never going to wear it again, just enjoy it.

10. It is all about the party

What people want is a good knees up and a dance. That’s it. They’re not going to remember the favours, the cake or even what they had for dinner. While this all adds up to the overall feeling of the day, think about how your guests will experience the day, when will they be standing around doing nothing, and what will keep them all in good spirits. This way you can also better manage your budget. Sure a basket of flip flops for the girls to wear when their feet hurt is cute - but do people really want that, or would that money be better spent on more canapés or a better band. Focus on the key points that make a wedding good fun, what is most important to you as a couple, and the rest is all white noise. Enjoy!

Resource: http://www.handbag.com/life/bridal-bible/a522302/10-important-things-you-should-know-before-your-wedding-day.html

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