Flower Girls, just want to have fun.

Choosing the perfect flower girl dress can be a bit stressful. But no worries! Here are the best 5 tips to make your dress hunt a stress-free and successful one.

1. Prepare to measure: You'll need tools such as a tape measure, pen or pencil, and paper for proper recordings.

2. Measure her chest: Be sure to have your flower girl in her undergarments or form fitting garments for best measurement results.

3. Measure her waist: Your flower girl must be standing with good posture, as you measure the widest part of her abdomen.

4. Measure the length of her dress: To determine the length of her dress, hold the tape measure starting from her shoulder and allow it to hang to the floor.

5. Select the correct dress size: First, refer back to your recorded measurements from steps 1-4. Second, be confident in watching your flower girl have nothing but fun down the aisle!

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