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The scenery of a Bridal shop is that of romance, anticipation, and alluring Bridal Wear. Your first visit to a bridal shop is just pure excitement. There’s that childlike gaiety that happens, where you become a bridal princess; you’re the center of attention and you have a trained stylist waiting on your every need. Before you encounter this invigorating experience, We at CTO Bridal would like to give you some tips to use to ensure you’re well prepared, and that you have a great time!

Book Your Appointment

There are plenty of shops that accept and welcome walk-ins, however it is always better to book your appointment. One reason being, is that you’re sure to have a stylist available and even assigned to you. If you walk in without an appointment, there’s no guarantee that a stylist would be available to help you and there’s no telling how soon they’ll be done with their current appointment. This step in booking your appointment is to assure that you’ll be catered to as soon as you arrive. As a bride-to-be, the attention and focus should always be on you. This step is the action that you take to ensure that you’ll be prioritized. Booking your appointment also gives your stylist time to speak with you and look over their inventory to have styles pre-selected before you come in.


It’s a common reaction from brides to see that Bridal or “Vanity” sizing is different from that of “street” sizes. For example, if you wear a size 10 in normal clothes, you may fit into some size twelves, fourteens, and even sixteens depending on where the designer originates. Bridal gowns are shipped from all over the world through a plethora of designers in different countries, so the sizing will vary from gown to gown. In addition, some bridal shops only carry certain sizes or will be currently out of stock in your size. To accommodate this, stylists use clips, boards, corsets, and other things to imitate the perfect fit and give you an illusion of how the dress in the perfect size will fit.

Bridal Terms

It may be beneficial to familiarize yourself with bridal terms and silhouettes. Getting accustomed to bridal language will help you to better communicate with your stylist. Knowing bridal language will help you to describe the gown, fit, and neckline that you’re interested in. There are so many different styles out there; Ballgowns, A-lines, Sheaths, and so much more! Do a little research, you’ll be surprised by how many different styles of bridal gowns exist. The possibilities are endless!

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