Veil, Me Now Or Never.

Are you having a tough time deciding if a veil is the right look for your bridal gown? Or you love the idea of wearing a veil for your special day, but you're not sure which veil to choose? Well, you came to the right place.

The history of wedding attire constantly changes like the weather, but one thing that remains a traditional accessory is bridal veils. Even at CTO Bridals, many ask, "what is the purpose of wearing a veil"? Well, since the 13th century, the bridal garment has been worn as a religious symbol of modesty, loyalty, respect, and for a covering between husband and wife. But, did you know that sheer veils were also worn during that time period for funerals and mourning?

Not ready to dive head first with a traditional spirit? Not to worry, there's plenty of options of headpieces and veils to choose from. For starters, there's many styles of veils that we keep in stock like the chapel, cathedral, bird cage, feathers, mid length, short flyaway, lace-trimmed, jeweled trimmed, and etc... The differences of all just ranges from preferred length, detail and style.

Remember to keep your options open when it comes down to wearing a veil. You'll never know how it would flatter you, unless you try it on. And who knows, it may just be the right "tradition" for you and coordinate with your gown perfectly!

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