Beware of the Bridezilla.

We understand that wedding planning can be stressful, even down to the simplest part at hand, such as choosing the right floral arrangement or the right shoes to wear with your gown. However, the staff at CTO Bridals are here to help, by reminding and encouraging you to pace yourself, so that you "Don't Become a bridezilla".

Don't be alarmed! A bridezilla is just a humorous term used to describe a bride's obsessive and intolerable behavior during the process of planning for her special day. Friendly advice? You should keep in mind that if you're feeling overwhelmed, over worked, and stressed, that everyone one else in your bridal party will feed off of the negative energy.

Don't know what to do?

1. Play only Wedding/Love" Songs. Music is therapy for the soul, heart, and mind. Let it inspire you and keep you in the spirit of love.

2. Exercise. It's important to exercise your mind, as well as your body for at least 10 mins everyday. Yoga is one of the many great ways used to balance, uplift, energize, and renew.

3. Go Out. Have a girls night out for some additional fun. Laughter and catching up with some best friends would be sure to clear your mind.

4. Assign a "Go-To-Person". Appoint someone you trust to hold your phone, to stand in as a "go-to-person". Now, any and everyone who needs a question answered or assistance, won't add to your already hectic schedule.

5. Show and Tell. Invite a group of married friends over and have show & tell. Don't be afraid to share wedding stories and disasters. Knowledge is power, so learn from their mistakes to perfect yours.

6. Catch Phrase. There's always that one person you know who secretly despise and no matter what they'll always seem to do or say something annoying. Come up with a secret word or phrase for that person and share it with your spouse. Great escape plan, right?

7. Reminisce. Revisit old photos, messages, clothes, and past memories of you and your spouse. Here's the perfect time fall in love for the second time.

8. Eat Healthy. Relax, plan, and eat healthy. Whether it be fruits, grains, or light protein, your body and your mind needs to be clear for your planning process.

9. Check In. The night before the wedding check into a hotel. Get away from the madness and focus on your finding your happy place.

10. Wedding Day! Yes, you've made it. Take a long hot bath after your wedding day. The mental frustration should be long gone. Say goodbye to your stress and say hello to your honeymoon. :)

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