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One of my cousins got engaged, and that very night, she started planning her wedding. She hopped on Pinterest and pinned all kinds of color schemes, décor, hairstyles and dresses. She fell in love with the look of cap sleeves and began her search. She familiarized herself with bridal vocabulary and called every bridal shop in the city to see if they carried dresses with cap sleeves.

She printed screenshots of what she’d found online, and put them into a scrapbook to document her dress searching journey. She fantasized about standing at the altar in her dream gown and dancing the night away with her newlywed. For months, all she thought about was a Mermaid gown with cap sleeves, fitted in all the right places, hoping the curve hugging gown would give her the hourglass figure she imagined in her fantasy.

The day finally came when her schedule was clear and she was able to spend an entire weekend in search of her gown. She arrived at a Bridal Salon in Atlanta, scrapbook in hand, undergarments ready. The bridal stylist pulled her 3 gowns similar to what she described and she rushed into the dressing room to put them on. She called for the stylist to come zip her up, and thought about her fantasy mermaid gown with cap sleeves. She closed her eyes, the Stylist opened the curtains and she walked up to the mirror.

She was in complete shock. She dramatically said nothing. The stylist asked if everything was okay but she couldn’t begin to describe how appalled she was. Her fantasy was rattled. She thought the mermaid fit of the gown made her look more like Sponge Bob than a coke-bottle, and the Cap sleeves didn’t make her look graceful, they made her look like a linebacker. She tried on the other two options the stylist pulled for her but they both made her feel the exact same way. The mermaid style just wasn’t giving her the hourglass figure she expected and the cap sleeves were making her look too broad.

She refused to try on anything else and left the shop to pursue her gown again. She experienced the same thoughts at 6 other Salons before the weekend was over and was left in complete and utter disappointment.

She felt that her body couldn’t be flattered. She felt frumpy instead of sexy in every gown she tried. She went back and searched the internet to figure out what would give her the look she was going for and came across a diagram.

The graph, illustrated by professional stylists gave tips to women about finding the right dress for their body shape. She explored similar graphs and came to the conclusion that the dress she fantasized about, just didn’t flatter her shape. When she had time, she went back to the shop, open-minded, to try on gowns suggested by the stylists. She mourned her dream gown, but she wanted to feel sexy.

The stylist brought 4 different styles to her. They were beautiful dresses but just not what she had in mind. She shrugged and tried the first one on. It was beaded, strapless, and big. The stylist assured her that though big, the ball gown was definitely what she was looking for. She opened the curtain and stepped up to the mirror. She was in awe. Her emotions were in frenzy. She teared up and danced around. The ball gown gave her the hourglass look she was going for. She didn’t feel frumpy anymore. The strapless feature allowed her to show off her shoulders without feeling masculine.

She finally felt beautiful in a gown. She didn’t even want to try the others on. She’d found what she was looking for.

When looking for your perfect gown, remember to be open-minded. There are purposes for every silhouette. There’s a gown out there for every woman, for every personality. Don’t be afraid to let a professional stylist help you find that perfect gown to flatter your silhouette. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to compliment your body shape!

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