5 Tips to Prepare You For Your Alterations Appointment

After you purchase your dream gown, the next step is to schedule an appointment to get it properly fitted. You don’t want your train to get stepped on at your reception, and you most definitely don’t want to trip on your way down the aisle. There are several do’s & don’ts when it comes to alterations. In this blog, we’d like to give you a short list of useful tips to ensure your experience is as tranquil as possible.


Once you’ve pictured yourself on that grand day, and said yes to that dress, it’s time to decide on specifics of the gown. We know that many of our beautiful brides find themselves on a fitness journey for their wedding, and they feel that ordering their goal size will motivate them. We caution this for many reasons, one being that it’s just not safe. You’d rather your gown be too big than too small. Gowns can normally only be let out no more than an inch or two, if that much. We strongly suggest you order the size that the Shop recommends for you. If you order a size too small and the gown cannot be let out enough, you’ll be stuck with a gown you cannot wear; and you’ll have to spend additional money to purchase another.


We at CTO recommend brides to schedule their alterations appointments 2 months prior to their wedding day. The bridal world is an ever-changing season of highs and lows, and peak seasons have seamstresses strained with work. Giving a wide timeline of 2 months provides the seamstress with enough time to focus on your gown with diligence and accuracy. Weight fluctuations, avoiding rush fees, and alterations errors are just more factors that play into the 2-month timeline.

What to Bring

Rather you’ve ordered or purchased your gown off-the-rack, it’s time to hunt for accessories. One of the most important accessories to have prior to your alterations appointment is your shoes. Your shoes determine how high or low the hem on your gown sits. If you’re wearing heels, for instance, your gown will not need as much of a hem as someone wearing flats. It is very important to bring your shoes to your fittings. It is also important to bring the proper undergarments. If you’re wearing a bra, Spanx, or anything under your dress, bring it to your appointment. Your undergarments play a strong role in how your gown fits your body. If you neglect wearing the proper undergarments to your fittings, your dress will fit entirely different on your wedding day.


It is very easy to rack up costs in Alterations. The design, fabric, and structure of the gown all factor into the total price. It is key to educate yourself on the cost of alterations beforehand, so that you can set a budget for yourself and discuss with your seamstress in detail what you need done, so that they can let you know how much they charge for specific services. Many brides need their gown customized, hemmed, taken in or taken out. It’s even useful to educate yourself on bridal alterations before you pick your gown. On average, Brides spend $300+ on alterations.


It’s okay to be particular in the way that you want your gown handled and exactly what you want done. If you feel that something doesn’t fit quite right, or if you feel there’s an error, be sure to speak up about it. The seamstress may be able to fix it and make your gown exactly how you want it to be. It’s important to communicate to your seamstress how soon you need your gown and everything you want altered to your liking. For any customization, like adding bead-work or replacing mesh, you must be sure that your seamstress knows how to do so.

Thank you for reading this Blog. We at CTO hope you’ve found this post useful and informative. Check out our other Blogs for more tips and follow us on all our social media to be notified of new posts!

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