Your Gown Shopping Entourage: Who to Bring

There are women who prefer a close-knit circle of two or three, and some with a plethora of gal-pals. Whomever brides are closest to, rather it be friends, family or both, are often chosen to tag along on an exciting roller coaster of bridal shopping. When inviting lucky attendees, you get to have honest, blatant opinions and memorable laughs attached to the journey leading to your big day. However, it’s important to consider the amount of people you’re bringing and who’s opinion you value the most.

Friends and family often look forward to the bridal festivities surrounding the upcoming wedding, like the bachelorette party and tagging along for dress fittings. CTO Bridal values the unique and special moment that occurs when you’re staring yourself down in the gown you know is the one for you. We notice that the opinions and emotions of your entourage is one of the most important and heartfelt moments in your gown search journey. Therefore, a good tip to remember is to bring a companion or two whom you know wants the best for you and your wedding. Remember that everyone has their own style, and sometimes if their style is different from yours, they may dislike a gown that makes you light up inside.

When choosing your bridal shopping entourage, key characteristics and factors to look for in your candidates would include a style, honesty, open-mindedness, and joyous. You want a fun and memorable shopping experience. Therefore, no matter what, its best to avoid those you know are opinionated, negative, or has a style that’s completely different from your own. Within my years in the bridal industry, I’ve seen plenty of brides halt an appointment out of the frustration from their guests not liking anything they loved. For those that deeply value the opinions of others, please use caution when choosing your bridal Shopping posse to ensure a positive and pleasurable support system during your bridal appointment(s).

You want your party to be relaxed, comfortable and to avoid any disruptions or complaints during your visit. Because of limited seating, it’s important to note how many guests you bring along with you. Often, bridal shops can only accommodate an extended party of 3-5. Rather you’re planning on booking an appointment or stopping in, please be sure to call ahead to see if your party can be comfortably suited.

We love to see brides happy and cheerful. No matter what shop you visit, it’s exciting and fun when you have someone to share those moments with and keep you open-minded and in good spirits. So please use the tips given in this blog to avoid unwanted stress and tension while you jump into one of the most special rides in your engagement. And remember, your wedding is YOUR wedding. When shopping for your gown, remember that it is you that must wear it and look and feel amazing in it. Keep this tip in mind, when taking on pessimistic or opposing opinions on gowns that make you feel ready to head down the aisle.

Stay tuned for more stress-reducing tips from CTO Bridal!

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